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Angel Arm Wait List

"Arms for Angels"

To honor all the "Warriors" and in remembrance of all the "Flyers"

Jacey's Journey has taken an interesting trip. We are always looking for ways to help Jacey thrive. We know the diet, exercise, treatments, hope and prayers are why she is as strong as she is. On October 15th, we took a leap of faith and mailed out one of our Angel Arms, to another child with SMA. Little Miss Braylin is a few months older than Jacey. Like most children with SMA, she had relied on "slings" to give her mobility. The Angel Arm is completely different than any of the slings we were able to find. There is very little restriction with the Angel Arm, allowing the weight of the limb to be reduced, restoring or increasing range of motion. Within hours of using the device she was moving her arm by herself. Within days she was coloring, playing with toys and feeling amazingly independent. She has surpassed my wildest dreams with her strength, mobility and abilities. We thank Braylin and her parents for taking this leap with us and for assisting us to reach out to many other families, offering a chance at mobility for their children.

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