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Angel Arm Pricing

Single Arm ($55-69)

A single arm device can be used for one arm or one leg at a time. It can be used on any flat surface. The base plate can be slid under the shoulder or mattress for arm use or under the buttocks for leg use. The single arm comes with the single base plate, the riser, boom assembly, a single cuff and a cuff extender line.

Mobile Device ($98-115)

The mobile device with the C-Clamp is used on strollers, wheelchairs and standers. the Mobile device with the Super clamp is used to attach to flat surfaces, tabletops, treatment tables or non-rounded tubes or legs. both options can be manipulated to be positioned over the child’s shoulder. The mobile device comes with a C-Clamp or a Super Clamp, a Flex-lock-joint, securement pads, a riser, boom assembly, a single cuff and a cuff extender line.

Double Leg Device ($96-135)

The double leg device is used to remove gravity from both legs so the child can move independently. The double base plate is placed between legs, under the buttocks. The counter weights are above the hips and the booms are above both legs.  The double leg device comes with a double plate, a Y riser, two boom assemblies and two single cuffs.

Custom Devices ($ varies)

If a custom device is requested, we can discuss options. This is NOT COMMON and a customizing fee may apply. The three regular devices are most commonly used for all children. Please contact us for more information.

The ordering process...

...fill out the order form online and provide as much information as possible.  We  will contact you via email when we receive the order form and before we start making the device(s), to verify the order and price. An invoice is emailed upon completion and is to be paid in full before shipment (unless other arrangements were made). We only charge for materials used, not time or labor. We ask people if they are able (only if they would like and can afford to) to donate to our organization. Raising a child with SMA is very expensive and this is why we only request the cost of material s. 
We have a wish tab on this site. This is for families who can not afford our devices or dietary equipment. We will never deny a child a device because their family cannot afford one. This is where our donations come in. 

This is what we expect in return.

...We want to see the device set up once you have it. We want to be sure it's correct and your child is going to get the most out if it (before it's posted online for people to see. In case there is an error with assembly).

...We don't make any money making these devices. We do it because we want kids to move. So, please, make a few minutes to shoot us a picture and/ or a video showing it to us. Or, we can skype or FaceTime to make sure it's correct. We are never too busy for these kids. We will make the time to help you. Even from unpacking the device till it's working perfectly. 

...We would like to show your child on my webpage, but only if you are comfortable. If you decline, we totally understand. We have two spots. Just the kids faces, as Jacey's super kids (http://www.jaceysjourney.com) at the bottom and videos (http://www.jaceysjourney.com/-angel-arm-warrior-videos-.html) showcasing their strengths. 

Thank you again for your interest in angel arms. We are so excited to get your child the most mobility as possible. Have a wonderful day. Ps. There is a page on Facebook "arms for angels information group" it was designed for parents with devices to help each other and for us to pass along important information.