A helpful guide along the
SMA Trail.

Our Grateful World.

One day I looked around my home and realized despite the stress of work and a messy home and kids needs and medial bills and equipment... I was grateful. Grateful for our lives we built together. Grateful the boys are healthy strong, successful and living their own lives. The girls are thriving and being amazing. Grateful that Littles is adorable and doing great in school and Grateful my best friend is by my side. I'm am grateful!

A week ago I approached by another SMA family. They asked if they could give our sambucus kits away to other SMA families (20 starter kits and 20 refill kit).  Again, grateful. Because they graciously thought of others and wanted to add me to their giving.

So here's how to play along. Fill out the following entry form and answer all the questions. That's not all... follow along on Jacey's Journey Facebook page and add your daily grateful items. I will be giving way amazing items. From Mimosa Goods, PaperBlooms N More and JacysJourney. Email me if you are a merchant and would like to join in on the fun.

If you are not an SMA family, you may enter as well. I am giving away 5 single Sambucus kits.