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 28 bracelet (or necklace) options available to suit any style.

Or "build your own" options are available.

Children with Muscular and Neuromuscular diseases are braver than any adults we know!

Braveletes and JaceysJourney, Inc. have teamed up to help these brave little warriors stay as healthy as possible. For every bracelet (or necklace) purchased, from the Bravelet store, JaceysJourney will gift a sambucus sample kit ($24 value) to one of many requesting SMA family. We currently have 57 gift requests for our homemade elderberry syrup kits.

Parents  of SMA children understand that boosting their child's immune system gives them the best chance to fight off common cold and influenza. Sambucus Sample Kits have premeasured ingredients to make one batch (3.5 cups) of our homemade Elderberry Syrup. Each kit contains raw Montana honey, Dried Organic Elderberries, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Hand Picked Cloves and Fresh Crushed Ginger. 

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