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antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic, supports respiratory, circulation, digestive and sensory systems.

Peppermint is another widely popular and very versatile essential oil. For the purposes of this page we will be focusing on the benefits for SMA. For more information, including fun recipes, visit here.

Peppermint benefits the respiratory system and helps to clear the airways of mucus. It also supports healthy lung function.  It can be applied topically (diluted with coconut oil) combined with melaleuca, lavender and eucalyptus as a natural vapor rub. I used this on myself and it was very effective. I also used the same combination with water in my nebulizer. It was very strong and effective but I do not recommend using this method on our kids.

Peppermint oil is fantastic for sore muscles and joints. I recommend combining Peppermint oil with Epsom salt for an amazing, therapeutic bath. You can use it topically (diluted) for a muscle rub.

Peppermint is also useful for settling upset stomachs but always use caution when ingesting essential oils. 1 drop of peppermint oil is comparable to approximately 100 cups of peppermint tea. 

Peppermint supports positive mood by waking up your sensory system. It is often used to improve mental alertness and acuity. As all SMA parents/ caretakers can relate to, sometimes you need a little mental pick me up. The aromatherapeutic benefits are great, whether you diffuse it through the humidifier or an oil diffuser.

**How we use it for SMA: We occasionally use it with Epsom salt during water therapy, but only if it is hot outside (it has a cooling effect on the body). We keep a misting water bottle with a couple of drops of Peppermint oil in it in the car. Since SMA kids have a hard time thermo regulating, the peppermint water is nice to keep near the Easy S, car seat, etc. For headaches, you can apply diluted Peppermint oil behind the ears and at the base of the skull. Always, always avoid the eyes!