A helpful guide along the
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Acetyl l-carnitine (amino acid)

A derivative of carnitine that is produced naturally in the body. It is involved in protein and carbohydrate metabolism and in the transportation of fats into the mitochondria. It increase the level of carnitine in tissues and surpasses the metabolic potency of carnitine. Is regularly used in combating Alzheimer's, resulting in less deterioration in memory and attention. Acetyl l-carnitine helps to limit the damage a used by oxygen starvation, enhances the immune system, protects against oxidative stress, stimulates antioxidants, and increases performance of certain branched-chain amino acids.- no toxic or serious side effects have been reported. Not recommended for use with blood thinners.

**this is used doily in Jacey's food

Aloe Vera (natural food supplement)

Used for vitamin absorption. Used to aid in stomachs disorders and digestion. cleanses colon and balances diarrhea and constipation. It is possible to develop a tolerance, as with many medications and herbs. Extended use is not recommended for all. Aloe can be classified as a motility stimulator.

**we add 2oz of pure Aloe Vera liquid to her daily food

Alpha lipoic acid (antioxidant)

Is a powerful antioxidant on its own and as a recycler for vitamin C and vitamin E. ALA stimulates the production of glutathione and aids in the absorption of Co-Q10. Used in peripheral nerve degeneration and to control blood glucose levels. Without ALA, the body cannot use sugar to produce energy. The body does not produce large quantities of ALA. since it is only found in cert in food items, supplementation may be necessary.


**this is used daily in Jacey's food

Astragalus Root (herbs)

An overall tonic of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It rebuilds the immune system and is antibacterial and antiviral. Aids in adrenal gland function and digestion. Increases metabolism, produces spontaneous sweating, promotes healing and provided energy to combat fatigue and prolonged stress. Increases stamina. Good for colds, flu and immune-deficient-related problems, including AIDS, cancer and tumors. Effective in chronic lung weakness.

Recommended... Adult 3-4.5 grams powdered root/day

**we out 1.5grams in Jacey's daily food

Cinnamon (herbs)

Relieves diarrhea and nausea, counteracts congestion and aids in peripheral circulation. Arms the body and enhances digestion, especially the metabolism of fats. Also fights fungal infection (internally and topically). Useful in diabetes, weight loss, yeast infection and uterine hemorrhaging.

**we add this to Jacey's food every day and make her sambucus with fresh cinnamon

Colloid of silver (natural food supplement)

It is an inexpensive healing agent and disinfectant. It can be taken orally, topically or intravenously. Topically it can be used to fight fungal infections of the skin or nails. It promotes healing from burns, cuts, wounds, rashes and sunburns. It can be used on toothaches or mouth sores, as an eye drop, or a gargle. Can be sprayed on filters of equipment to inhibit the growth of germs. Internally it can be used to fight infection. It is proven to be effective against more than 650 disease causing organisms, including e-coli and fungus.

**we use this as an additional nebulizer liquid. To battle any germs Jacey may have had contact with. Stop them before they build up in her lungs. We also put it between her finger and toes to fight the fungus common found on SMA kid. We put a few drops in her bi-pap humidity chamber and her room humidifier.

Garlic (antioxidant, natural food supplement, herb)

Fights inflammation, cleanses colon and stimulates circulation. A strong antioxidant and antimicrobial agent. Protects the liver and stomach. It is used to lower blood pressure and is a potent, natural antibiotic and should be consumed daily. Its main component, Alliin or Allicin, exerts an antibacterial affect estimated to be equal to 1% of penicillin. It is effective against fungal infections, athlete foot, systemic candidiasis, and yeast vaginitis. Evidence shows it can destroy certain virus, such as the common cold, small pox and influenza.

**we use garlic in Jacey's food daily. Its amount is increased if illness starts.

Ginger (herb)

Fights inflammation, cleanses colon, analgesic- reduces spasms and stimulates circulation. It is a strong antioxidant and an effective antimicrobial agent. Is useful for bowel disorders, circulatory problems, motion sickness, muscle pains, nausea and vomiting. Ginger helps the ability to cough up mucus.

**ginger is used daily in Jacey's food and is used in the preparation of sambucus.

Mullein Leaf (supplement)

Mullein leaf has long been used as an expectorant for treating respiratory congestion because it promotes the ejection of mucus, from the lungs. Mullein has an alkalizing affect t on the body, which helps remove mucus. It primarily affects the lungs and the small intestines. The benefit in the lungs is a more open airway and less risk of mucus plugs. The benefit in the small intestines is it removes the mucoid layer allowing the body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from the ingested food.

**Mullein is used daily in Jacey's food. The dried leaves can be made into a tea.

Tree Lichen Usnea (antibacterial)

Usnea is a natural herb that is wiely

More to come... stay tuned!!!!